Sensibility Quilt

2 1/2" strips Jelly Roll Sensibility

Today we have a simple quilt that is 38" by 48".

Made with 10" squares of batting (20 total for this size quilt), 1 Jelly roll of Sensibility fabrics (you can use any coordinating 2 1/2" strips 42pcs of your choice), scissors, rotary cutter, 10" square ruler, cutting mat, thread of your choice and a iron. 

Now that you are ready to start sewing, take your favorite 7 strips and choose one and lay it diagonal and leave at least 1/4" longer past the end of fabric on each end. Take that first piece and fold a crease into each end and line each crease up with the corners and pin. Then add a second piece (right sides together) overtop and pin in place. Trim down and sew 1/4" seam along one end, then press open. Then add another piece to the opposite side and do the same 1/4" seam. Press open and continue until all 7 pieces are sewn onto square.

Once done, flip over onto cutting mat and use the 10" square ruler and trim off excess fabric to square up the block. You will make 10 of these diagonal squares.

For the horizontal strips, take a square of batting and fold in half to crease the batting. Then cut and fold the ends of the first strip  as you did in the first diagonal strip. Line up the first piece and layer the second piece (right sides together) and sew 1/4" seam. Repeat all the steps.

You can make this quilt as big or as small as you would like just add more blocks.

Once all your blocks are done. Lay out your blocks, have fun and move them any direction you want. Then start sewing blocks together, pressing open each seam on the back as you go and snipping ends of seams diagonally to cut down on bulk when you sew them together.

Once you are done sewing all your blocks together, spray baste onto the backing size that fits your finished quilt leaving about 4" around the entire quilt. 

You can then either stitch in the ditch or do a quilted design over the entire quilt. Your possibilities are endless.

Trim your quilt and bind it with your favorite method and matching fabric.

We have the Sensibility fabric line available for purchase, while supplies last.

Thank you,

Happy Sewing!


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  • Bonnie Nyquist on

    Where do I sign up for your newsletter please? I recently ordered from you,and you included all sorts of goodies,wonder clips,thread minder ,candy etc,that was so sweet of you!
    I think i ordered a layer cake of Spring Chicken. Send all the email you want! If it is sewing or quilting,ok with me! Congrats on your new store!!

  • Carrie Glenn on

    Do you still have this jellyroll. Sensibility?? And current price etc..

  • Barbara Carter on

    I think I’ll try this today. Looking at something to make my niece for her birthday in April. She is 62 so we are celebrating her retirement. She is like a daughter to me. Thank you.

  • JoAnn on

    Just discovered your website after someone on Facebook shared it. Love this quilt. Thank you for posting it!

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